Joining the Dating Game for People with Herpes

Posted by | Jul 29, 2019

Joining the Dating Game for People with HerpesBeing diagnosed with herpes or any other STDs is scary and discouraging. However, do not let it become the reason to stop finding love. Actually, genital HSV is very common. A recent study stated that almost half of the adult population might have encountered this virus. It is not always related to their lifestyle, some people might get it from their first experience of having sex. Luckily, online dating is getting more and more creative in terms of sexual service. You can easily find herpes dating sites and herpes dating app on iOs and Play store as easy as regular online dating apps. However, taking extra measure is always advisable. Remember it is not only your health that is in line but also your heart and self-esteem. So here are some useful tips on joining the dating game for people with herpes.

Choose the right website

If you search best online dating site for herpes singles on the internet, you can easily find some suggested name. It is always better to read user review before you join as a member or pay a premium membership fee to gain more features. It is true that you might have a bigger chance to find a date as a herpes patient in this kind of website, but actually, the challenge is not much different to a regular dating app. Firstly, the herpes dating app has lesser members than other dating apps, so the chance is also much lower to score a date. Secondly, people with herpes also look for personality, appearance, and attitude in finding a match, so make sure you take care of those areas before you waste your money in vain.

Be truthful and honest

Most herpes dating websites will require you to give detailed information on your current health condition. So make sure you write everything on point and do regular checkup. Prepare yourself to talk openly about your sexual health with your potential match, even if you are not the type. This kind of relationship needs a high level of trust and support from both parties. Understand that there will be times that you or your match cannot continue the relationship to the next level because of the condition, so build the intimacy and find other things that connect you both before starting a relationship.

Dealing with rejection

Even if you use a herpes dating site to find a potential lover with the same condition, do not assume that every member of the community has the same level of support. You might find a match that will not accept your health condition and it is totally okay. It is better to end early and move on to better prospects. If your partner seems reluctant to discuss his/her herpes condition, do not push it. It is better to build the intimacy level first and find a way to enjoy sexual life together in a healthy and safe way. Remember that love can happen in all conditions, even to someone with STD problem.