The Pros and Cons of Herpes Dating

Posted by | Oct 19, 2017

The Pros and Cons of Herpes DatingLiving with herpes can be a difficult choice to make. It may be more difficult to date when you have herpes. The STD can be quite devastating for all individuals in term of relationship. But that does not mean that you are not eligible to find someone special.

There are a lot of herpes singles out there seeking someone they can rely on. And if you are one of them, herpes dating sites seem to be the most comfortable place for you to start. Well, indeed it is true. Herpes dating sites have helped many herpes singles to find new friends and even new soulmates without the feeling of guilt or shame. Presuming that you are diagnosed with this condition right now, you don’t have to worry. It is the place purposely designed for herpes singles. But as like many other dating sites, it has pros and cons.


No need to painfully tell your story

You are saving yourself from troubles when talking. Your profile has been shown in the dating sites. That means other herpes singles already know about herpes you have. You can save yourself from shame and awkwardness.

Better than support group

You know that the herpes patients are often offered to join a support group. You may not be up to it. The good thing about herpes dating sites is that it is better than any support group. You will find more friends and build a stronger network for your support. Thousands of people who have the same stories with you can feel you. And it is comfortable to be there.

You will find your serious partner

Most of the folks with STD are looking for a serious partner. So, you won't be played. Just because you have an STD does not mean that you don't deserve a long-term partner. You can find what you want there.

Supporting community

The community in herpes dating sites consists of supportive people. In case you meet new friends, they don't really care about your intimate history. And even they know it, they won't consider you as an enemy. Everyone’s in the same boat. Probably, that's the reason why folks are more open-minded in living with herpes.

You can just have fun!

Well, you have eliminated all the awkwardness and shame. Then, what do you do next? Of course, it is time to have fun! Meet new people, arrange a meeting, and crash a party!


Small pool

Well, it happens a lot in many herpes dating sites. Some folks tend to limit themselves to the number of potential partners, which make the community a bit more competitive. But that's what it takes to find a long-term and serious partner. That's how it works.

Takes time

Of course, there is not an overnight solution for you. You will need to take time to build your network, meet new people, and find your soulmate.